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The 3 Step Guide to Turn Your Blog Into a Career

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"If you have wanted to become a blogger but don't know how to started or just don't know anything about blogging but want to get into it - then you need to pick up this book. Jordy is someone you can definitely trust to give you tips and tricks because she knows it all! There are really great chapters on stuff like how to earn money and all the tips and tricks you need to know to get started."


"This girl is literally the queen of marketing / journalism / blogging. I'm nearly finished the book already! Sooo many resources and I legit didn't know a lot of the things she wrote about. I'm already learning so much. Thank YOU for your nuggets of wisdom and an honest guide. 

It(the book) is so good - there are so many nuggets of goodness in there! I don't have a blog yet but I have YouTube and other social media things but there were so many things in the book that I just didn't know! I'm a rookie so this book is super helpful for me for; hacks for growing platforms, making a media kit and money-making method. For someone who has a successful blog, a successful YouTube channel, has her own marketing consultancy business and has written a book...this girl knows what she's talking about."


"I love learning and reading up on how I can further develop my skills and turn my passions into something more and so I’ve absolutely been loving this guide by the amazing @jordycannon 
The book is all about turning your blog into a career and has really helped and inspired me! I love that it also has a resource section at the back, complete with a content calendar and checklist! I couldn’t recommend checking out this book more and supporting a fellow blogger! @probloggercareer #probloggercareer #3stepguide #probloggergoals




About The Author

Jordan Cannon is a social media influencer with a reach of over 5 million and nearing a decade as the editor behind the blog and YouTube channel, 'Jordy’s Beauty Spot'.

With a 'Bachelor of Journalism' and 'Master of Advertising' she is now a sessional academic at QUT University, teaching a social media management course.