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Updated: May 2, 2018

The significance of creating this innovative and useful educational tool and why it’s going to shape the blogging industry for the better.

The Problem

The issue that has been identified and inspired this book. Blogging has now become a highly desirable career option for creatives yet it is a highly complicated and misunderstood industry.

The Gap

The gap in the market is that there is no clear direction or path for how to achieve within a blogging career. There are very few resources available for those creatives looking at a career in blogging and those that do exist are misguided, limited in experience and insight.

The Solution

This project will examine the blogging industry and use personal experience in the field to write an educational guide. The primary objective is to cut through all of the uneducated and low-quality information out there to achieve clarity on how to create a successful career in blogging.

The Innovation

These key developments will be instrumental in the evolution of creative advertising and the adaption of existing career paths and processes towards becoming a SMI within the blogosphere

This book seeks to be innovative because it sets out to uncover new research within the creative advertising industry.

Significant time will be spent understanding the existing theory and research in the field, gathering primary research where the key concepts will be analysed and evaluated. These frameworks will then be applied to the content of the book to compliment the practical knowledge the book is based on. The end result is adapting this information with personal experience in the field to create a practical manual for how to turn blogging into a career. This book targets individuals in the creative advertising industry who are seeking a non traditional and modern career in online advertising.

Significant detailed work will be undertaken to achieve insight into a rapidly changing and easily misunderstood industry.

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