It's Time to Build It Up

Updated: May 2, 2018

This week I completed Section 2 out of 3 of the book “It’s Time to Build It Up” and I am still on track and making huge progress towards completing the book plan. I am still ahead of schedule in relation to my micro-targets that I set myself and I am proud of how the book has been developing and adapting based on new research I come across and different thought patterns I have.

In this section of the book, I covered 6 chapters;

Chapter 7- Social media Chapter 8- Tips and Tricks for Social Chapter 9 - Building relationships Chapter 10- Posting & Scheduling for Your Blog Chapter 11- Media Kits Chapter 12 – Overcoming Blogging Challenges

Chapter 7 - Social Media

I really enjoyed talking about social media in terms of an important and crucial aspect as a blogger in the marketing mix. An interesting study was found showing how Pinterest along can have major impacts on how a brand is perceived. Since bloggers are essentially a brand of their own, I thought that this application of theory to the concept of professional blogging was a unique approach.

In the same social media chapter I thoroughly enjoyed researching examples of where social media has helped strengthen a bloggers brand and convert into real sales with the example of Zoella.

Data 1. A study found that 89% of marketers reported found increased exposure for their business through social media use

2. Content sharing is on the rise; 25% for Reddit, 14% for Facebook, 12% for LinkedIn, and 5% for Pinterest. The value of a positive online presence boosts customer purchasing by 9.5%, and spending value by 8.8%.

Chapter 8 - Tips and Tricks for Social

I loved writing the tips and tricks section because I was able to share all the little hacks that work so well for me and could be greatly useful to a lot of people.

Points of focus include;

- The importance of scheduling social media in advance.

- Having a strong social media content strategy.

- The best times to post on your social media.

- How the divide and share content over each platform.

- Keeping an Instagram theme and strong visual aesthetic for your brand.

- Tagging brands and effectively using hashtags.

Chapter 9 - Building Relationships

Building relationships was important to talk about because this is where it is easy for new bloggers to go wrong. I give all the inside scoop on how to network with the right people and partner with your ideal brands.

Chapter 10 - Posting & Scheduling for Your Blog

This chapter on posting and scheduling for your blog sets you up with great habits that make your life easier as a blogger.

There are quick tips on…

- Increasing page views

- Topical posts

- Backlinks

- Sidebar advertising

- Guest posting

- Social media

Also discussed is how you can efficiently manage

- Posting

- Scheduling

- Pre-preparing content

- Scheduling your time

Chapter 11 - Media Kits

I decided to dedicate an entire chapter to media kits because I have first hand seen how important they are, especially in securing brand deals when blogging becoming a primary occupation

Chapter 12 - Overcoming Blogging Challenges

This section was my favourite so far because it allowed me to delve deep into the dark side of blogging and discusses a variety of difficulties bloggers experience and how these challenges can be overcome.

These are circumstances I have been in and personally have shaped my story and who I have become so I was excited to have the opportunity to discuss in depth topics such as;

- Dealing with criticism (from both family / friends and online trolls / haters)

- What to do when you have writer’s bock

- Content etiquette

- Maintaining some separation between blogging and life

- Organising PR Samples

Free Resources

- An activity to assist in scheduling their social media.

- An example of my current media kit that I personally use and a detailed explanation on how to build one step-by-step

- ‘My intense working morning routine’ highlighting the specific steps to success as a blogger.

Now onto section 3 of the book, and by far the most asked about topic when it comes to turning a blog into a career - 'Start Making Money'...

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