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Updated: May 2, 2018

"A 3 Step Guide to Turn Your Blog into a Creative Career".

The Product, The Purpose and Who I'm Talking To!

In this post I am going to provide an understanding of the overall concept of the major project in terms of product, purpose and audience.

We will talk about what will be achieved as the final product and who the potential audience is for purchasing the product. It also delves briefly into the problem that this product is addressing and as such its necessity of innovation in the market.


The product being produced is a book with the working title ‘A 3 Step Guide to Turn Your Blog into a Career’. The final product is a dual purpose book that caters to two needs.

1. The first purpose of the book is to be an educational tool in understanding the fast paced and innovative industry that has majorly shaken up how we approach marketing within the current landscape. It will discuss the complex and often misunderstood ‘blogosphere’. By referencing to existing literature and analysis of the current dynamics, it is hoped that it will provide a clear understanding for the reader. I hope to very briefly touch on why being creative is psychologically critical and as such why a career in this field would be rewarding.

2. The second purpose of the book is that it serves as a practical manual for creatives to use that will assist them in making a creative career out of blogging. This part gets into the nitty gritty of what it takes to be a blogger and cover a huge series of topics. It covers such an array of topics that is talks about everything in between knocking back mindsets that are focussed around entering this career ONLY to make money AND giving the reader the scoop on all the specific details around HOW to make money. This broadness allows for a comprehensive look at the industry as a whole and leaves the reader with a clear and holistic understanding of the industry.


This book will address 2 main problems currently being experienced.

1. There is currently a lack of understanding of the rapidly changing industry that is marketing / creative advertising. This is in particular to social media influencers and the social landscape that is increasing in significance in the world of marketing / advertising as a whole. This book will help reach understandings about how the industry works and how it can continue to be leveraged for creatives moving forward.

2. Another issue is that being a social media influencer (SMI) has now become a career yet a lot of creatives don’t know how the enter this field or where to begin (if they even are even aware of this career option available to them). The book will address this problem by providing a clear explanation of the industry and precise road-map on how to become successful creating online content.


Both portions of the book are innovative in that there is little currently published on social media influencer marketing as a career and very few resources to assist in what is a new line of work available to creatives. This book will uncover portions of the otherwise unexplored territory of SMI’s blogging as an actual career and form of creative advertising. This kind of research is significant and crucial in understanding and modernising the way the industry operates based on the societal shifts that have been seen due to the introduction of SMI’s.


The audience will consist of three main demographics.

1. Marketing professionals and brands who wish to further understand the industry and identify how they can leverage the power of SMI’s within their marketing campaigns.

2. Existing bloggers who are looking for a guide on how to turn their website from hobby to career.

3. Creatives who are open to the idea of entering the industry through a modern and newly carved out career where success and fulfilment can be found.

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